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July 20, 2012
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Cats in Water

Mikka, her mother Petra, her friend Vanessa and Vanessa's father Harold all arrived at the Cat Pool, a new pool at the Genius Pool. They all put their towels and belongings down besides a few deckchairs, including Mikka's beach ball that she now feels kind of silly for bringing, and get ready to enter the pool. Vanessa and Mikka are the first to get in the pool, followed shortly after by the adults Harold and Petra.
They swam around a bit, and it seemed like nothing was happening. Soon however, things became apparent that they were changing, though at first they didn't quite notice anything.
Starting with Mikka and Vanessa, their ears became pointed and longer, growing up and over and moving on top of their heads. Black fur began to cover Vanessa's ears, while white fur covered Mikka's left ear and black fur covered her right ear. It wasn't long before they were completely pointy and furry, standing up on the tops of their heads.
Next, just above the waist band of their bikini-bottoms and below their tailbones, a small nub of a tail began to push itself out of their bodies, getting longer and longer as time went on. Fur began to grow upon their tails as well. Before long, each girl had quite the long tail sticking out behind them, Mikka's tail white with a black tip, and Vanessa's tail completely black.

Changes began to affect Petra and Harold as well. Their ears became longer, pointier and moved up the sides of their head as well. Fur grew out on both of their ears, with white fur covering both of Petra's ears, with dark brown fur covering Harold's. Soon they too had pointy, furry, cat-like ears stick up on top of their heads.
Pretty soon, they too were growing stubby tails from the base of their swimsuit bottoms as well, growing longer and longer, covered in fur. White fur covered Petra's tail, while dark brown fur covered in black stripes like a tabby cat's covered Harold's. They kept growing until they were about four feet long each.  
Now all four were now partially changed into cat-like creatures, partially resembling cats. They would have kept changing, but Mikka suggested taking a break, so all four of them left the pool to relax a bit on the deck before they returned to the pool.
Petra and Harold went off to a pair of deck chairs to relax, and began to talk and flirt a little, leaving their daughters to talk by the side of the pool alone.
"Wow, that was a fun swim, so interesting" said Vanessa. She swished her dripping wet tail behind her, and wrung some water out of her very long brown hair.
"Yeah, that was fun, but something seems, kind of,,.. I dunno, something seem, different to you about me? About yourself?" asked Mikka.
"I'm not sure, does it? Maybe. Is something different about your tail?" asked Vanessa.
"Tail?" Mikka asked, turning her side and pulling her tail up to her face, holding it up to her face with both hands. "Did I always have a tail?" she asked.
"Umm, didn't you?" Vanessa questioned. "You've seemed to have one as long as I can remember. Well, wait, I feel like we've known each other for ages, but I'm having a hard time remembering just when we met. It's like I've known you since we were 10, but it also feels like I just met you yesterday, or sooner"
"Huh, that's odd, I kind of feel the same. Maybe we shouldn't think on it too much." Mikka said.
"But these tails, is it normal? How many other people have tails like ours, have ears like ours?" Mikka went on to say.
"Oh, I don't think that many, we're not that common. I think it's a birth defect we have, I heard it's some the result of some mad scientist dumping mutagen into a water supply by accident. People drink the water and it effects some of us with cat tails or more. I think it's why there are Fox girl's and other animal people." Vanessa explained.
"Oh, that explains it then. I think I knew that, but I guess I never had it fully explained to me like that then, it's nice to have it all spelled out like that" Mikka said.
"Why bring it up now" Vanessa asked.
"I guess it's just because of all the other cat people here. Look" said Mikka.
Vanessa and Mikka glanced all around the pool, and there all around them were other men and woman, children, teens and adults, most of them with cat ears and tails like them. Some were even more cat like, with whiskers, claws and furry bodies.
"Huh, I didn't think there were that many of us, but I guess something attracted them here to the Genius Pool. I guess it's because this pool is meant for us Cat People, that's why they call it the cat pool." stated Vanessa.
"Yeah, that must be it." said Mikka.
Pretty soon Mikka and Vanessa were approached by a couple of boys their age, boys with cat ears and tails like themselves. They both approached the girls, and awkwardly tried to get their attention. It worked, and soon the girl's attention was focused on the boys. They took the time to introduce themselves.
"Hi, I'm Drake" said the first boy, a handsome and muscular man with well toned muscles, rippling biceps and huge chest muscles. He was quite tall with short ginger hair, blue eyes and a bit of a goatee. He was bold in wearing a black speedo swimsuit that showed off his thick and toned  leg muscles and bulging package. His face was well chiseled and had a prominent, defined chin. He had orange, furry cat ears, and a marmalade cat tail poking out of the top of his swimsuit, trailing long behind him. As Drake was quite tall, his tail was quite long.
His friend introduced himself next, "Hi, I'm Jackson" he said. Jackson was dark skinned, of apparently mixed race. His hair was medium-length and black, but strait. His eyes were light brown, and he had a well defined face as well and he was wearing light blue swim trunks with white drawstrings.  He was relatively tall and muscular, but downright puny compared to Drake. His head was topped with black furred cat ears, and a long black cat tail trailed behind him.

The girls seemed instantly smitten by the young men in front of them, and they greeted and introduced themselves back. Soon after that they were chatting about themselves and telling each other stuff about themselves. Drake was engaged talking to Mikka, and Vanessa seemed perfectly content talking to Jackson. The four teens talked for almost half-an hour, giggling and laughing along the way, absolutely smitten with each other on first sight.

Petra and Harold were likewise engaged talking to each other. It wasn't apparent at first, but they too soon felt like they had known each other for years, mostly because their daughters were best friends since they were young. They had been good friends most of that time as well. But each one had recently lost their spouses as well, and a longing had overcome each of them. Though when Petra tried to think back about her late husband, she could only picture another woman. How odd. Petra knew she liked Men, so why was her spouse a woman? It didn't really matter to Petra, she felt like something was just making her confused, it had been a bit of a confusing day.
Both felt like they needed to move on, and they felt like they could be more then just friends for each other. They felt like they could be more for each other. Their daughters were practically sisters they felt. They were sure they would only be thrilled to be actual step-sisters. But one step at a time they each thought. After they left the pool, they were going to ask each other on a real date. They were going to start something and see where it went and hope all went well. Then Harold stopped thinking about the future and actually set it in motion, asking Petra out for dinner and a movie as soon as they were done with the pool. Petra was only happy to agree.
As the happy soon-to-be couple were talking to each other, Petra saw a couple of young ladies she knew. It was Jane and Tina, her neighbours from next door. The same-sex couple lived in the house next door to them, though only recently did Tina move in with Jane. It was their recommendations that had brought Petra and her daughter to the pool today, and so far she was enjoying it.
"Hey, Jane, Tina, over here" said Petra to both girls. It took them a moment for it to sink it, but soon they recognized Petra as their neighbour. Both girls smiled, waved and came over to the chairs Petra and Harold were sitting at.
Jane, was a tall girl, nearly as tall as Petra, with long reddish brown hair that she let flow down her back, had green eyes, and was wearing a white string bikini that showed off her breasts and the rest of her body quite nicely.
Tina was slightly taller then Jane, and had turquoise-blue hair that she tied in up pony-tails that hung on her sides. She had blue-green eyes that complemented her hair well. She was wearing a dark blue bikini that augmented her eyes and hair well.
Pretty soon the three women and one man began to talk. Petra introduced her neighbours to her old friend Harold, father of her daughter Petra's best friend Vanessa, and potential future boyfriend, and
then introduced Harold to her neighbours, Tina and Jane, explaining they were a couple.
"I'd like to thank you girls for introducing me to this pool, it's been such a lovely time, hanging out with other people who have the same condition as us and our daughters" said Petra.
"Oh, no problem" said Jane, "We always have such fun here every week, we're glad you're having a good time here too".
"So what brings you girls to the Cat Pool today" asked a curious Petra.
"Oh, you know, just trying out a new pool. These pools can be fun, we like trying out new pools and, you never know what they're like to you visit them." said Tina.
"Oh, but you know this pool is for cat people like us" said Petra, a little confused.
"Well, not until we got here, no, but I've noticed the staff hardly enforces their policies that much when it comes to the pools." replied Jane.

"Well, your welcome to join us then. Come on, lets go back in and have another dip in the pool. Come on Harold, lets go in." said Petra.
"Okay, let's go then" he replied.

As the adults slipped back in the pool, Mikka and Vanessa saw their parents slipping in the pool alongside their neighbours. A short time later, Drake and Jackson convinced the girls to get back in the pool as well.

As they began to splash and play, the changes began to affect Jane and Tina first, being the only ones changed the least by the pool's mutative powers. Their ears got point, and began to move up their heads, getting longer and covered in fur. Reddish fur covered Jane's ears, while light blue fur covered Tina's ears. Soon a long tail began to grow out of each of the girl's bottoms, poking out of their tailbones and continuing to grow longer and longer, covered in the same coloured fur as what covered their ears.

Soon after Tina and Jane caught up with the others, they and everyone else began to change further as the mutagenic continued to affect them all.
Vanessa and Mikka, perhaps because they were the youngest, began to change first. Fur began to cover the rest of their body, starting at the base of their tails, as well as creeping down from their hair lines. It crept out and up across their body, covering their faces, their necks, their backs and bellies, and then creeping up their arms and down their legs until the vast majority of their skin was covered in fur. Vanessa was covered in black fun everywhere, while Mikka was covered in mostly white fir with spots and patches of black and orange fur here and there in a calico cat pattern. After their bodies were now covered in wet cat fur, more changes occurred. Their noses changed shape, becoming triangular shaped and flat and bumpy. Soon whiskers sprouted up just above their lips, becoming long and numerous. Their faces then elongated out into muzzles, becoming longer as their mouths rearranged to fit their now long and sharp feline teeth. Their tongues also became hooked and raspy like a cat's.  
Their hands and feet changed next as they developed cat like paw pads on their palms and the base of their feet. Their fingernail and toenails elongated next, becoming sharp and long, with skin like sheaths developing over them to make them retractable. Lastly their feet changed shape slightly to make their walking on claws slightly easier. When the changes were over, Mikka and Vanessa resembled Anthropomorphic  house cats in every way, with fully feline faces, tails and limbs, and fur covered bodies, with Vanessa being an all black cat while Mikka was a white,orange and black calico cat.

Soon after the changes affected Vanessa and Mikka, but starting before they were finished, changed began to effect Jackson and Drake as well. Fur covered their whole bodies, with black fur covering Jackson's body while orange striped fur covered Drake's. Soon their faces changed, their noses changing, whiskers sprouting, and elongating into a muzzle full of long, sharp teeth. Their arms and legs changed next, growing long sharp, retractable claws on each limb. Soon the changed where over and they too were fully Anthropomorphic Felines. They swam closer to Mikka and Vanessa, and began to playfully splash and tickle the female felines.

Jane and Tina where next to change, following shortly after Drake and Jackson had begun. They underwent similar changes, with light blue fur sprouting up all over Tina's body while reddish fur sprouted all over Jane's. Their faces changed next, growing cute cat noses, long whiskers and then elongating out into feline muzzles full of sharp pointed teeth. Their hands and feet became feline claws tipped in retractable, curved claws. They too where finally Anthropomorphic Felines.

Lastly, Petra and Harold changed as well when Tina and Jane's changes ended. They followed along exactly like the others, with fur spreading first, white fur covering Petra's body while brown fur with black stripes like a tabby cat covered Harold's body. Their faces shifted next, elongating out into a proper feline face with sharp teeth, whiskers and a flat feline nose. Their feet and hands changed into feline paws as well, lined with feline foot pads and tipped with curved, sharp, retractable claws. At last all eight acquaintances had changed into full anthropomorphic cats, and where joyous at the changes.
As they continued to swim, another subtle but significant change began to effect them all. As they kept swimming, their swimsuits, both bikinis and swim trunks, began to dissolve and fade in the water, slowly turning into mush pulp that drifted off their bodies and then swiftly dissolved into colourless liquid that was sucked into and removed harmlessly from the pool by the pool filter. They all now swam completely naked in the pool, but they didn't seem to mind or notice the change. Fur had covered both the woman's breasts and private parts, so nothing inappropriate could be seen without probing. Likewise, fur covered the male's private areas, that had also become retractable into their bodies when not in use. The ties holding Tina's blue hair in ponytails had dissolved as well, and her fur floated free now at the back of her neck.
After a while, each couple had become tired of swimming, and got out of the pool. They decided to try some of the Genius pool's other facilities, like the hot tubs, saunas and massage tables, before meeting at the cafeteria to get a snack before deciding to call it a day. They gathered their towels and Petra's beach ball, dried off their water logged fur with special fur driers, and left for the day. They didn't bother grabbing their day clothes, which they left in their lockers, no longer realizing they needed it. Their clothes where washed, dried and sent off to charity for those that actually needed them.
Petra had agreed, it was a very wonderful way to spend a Friday evening and she would have to come to that pool again, perhaps paying for a yearly membership for Mikka and the others.
Petra soon went on her agreed upon date with Harold, and had a wonderful time. Drake and Jackson had asked Vanessa and Mikka out on a double date at a different restaurant and then a different movie theatre, which they both happily accepted. Jane and Tina went home after their wonderful date at the pool, and made out a lot before heading off to bed together.

In the past few months since the fateful meeting at the Cat Pool between the Eight individuals.
Petra and Harold began dating steadily, and within a year, Harold proposed to Petra and they were married. Harold and Vanessa moved out of their apartment and in with Petra and Mikka. They were right, Vanessa and Mikka just adored being step-sisters now. Mikka and Vanessa where still dating Drake and Jackson all these months. They were quite happy and imagined a future together.
Only a month later, Petra became pregnant by Harold, and after a vastly accelerated pregnancy made shorter by multiple trips to the Genius Pools age acceleration pools, she soon  gave birth to her own set of twin kittens, adorable little girls who she named Anna and Sara. Vanessa and Mikka absolutely adored their half-sisters and doted on them. Partially because of the effects of the pool on their mother,
the twins seemed four years of age within six months. After a trip to and age progression pool the Genius Pool, they seemed about nine year old and where ready to chat up their older sister and have wonderful fun together.
Around the time of the twin's birth, Jane and Tina adopted an adorable baby of their own named Susan. Though she started a three year old human, after a few trips to the Genius pool, became a nine year old anthropomorphic red vixen and became best friends with Anna and Sara, being the best of neighbours.

Vanessa and Mikka continued to date Drake and Jackson steadily for a year and eventually got serious. Eventually it was revealed both where pregnant by their respective boyfriends, and due around the same time. Both have considered marriage, but are unsure if they want to leave their parent's house and move in with their boyfriends just yet. Time will tell what path they choose, but it will likely be a happy one for them and their children.

The Genius Pool was a strange and mysterious place, full of wonder that borders on magic. Just a year before Peter was a struggling widower struggling to move on after his wife's death and raise his problematic eight year old son. Now Petra is happily married to Harold the cat man, and has gained three new daughters to make her life full of life and joy. Harold was like wise miserable and has found new joy in the beautiful Petra to help take care of his daughter Vanessa, once a young girl and now a budding woman.
A Year ago Micheal was a rambunctious and  troublesome eight year old boy, grieving the loss of his mother in troubling ways. But now Mikka is a wonderful and bright nineteen year old cat woman with a wonderful new family, a mother and father who love her, three sisters she adores, is in a relationship with a wonderful man, and is likely expecting a child of her own soon.

A Year ago, Jake and Thomas where  lonely teenage friends, unable to find a girlfriend and glumly strolling through life until the opening of a new pool in town seemed like it add a moment of joy in their life. Now a year later,  Jane and Tina are two cat girls living together in their own home with a wonderful adoptive fox girl daughter who has wonderful friends of her own.

Such a bright and happy future for them all. All thanks to the wonder of the Genius Pool

The End.
A Story by Anonymous Co-Writer, ACW
Second part of ACW's Genius Pool sequel.
Involves most characters from The Genius Pool series, and provides the promised look at the Cat Pool.
I gave it a sort of epilogue describing a long time frame that describes an elongated Happy ending. I hope that's not something anyone will dislike.

This is a direct sequel to this : [link]
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