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December 23, 2012
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As soon as the boy grabbed the cup of tea, The Magic got bored.

It happens, you know how young Magics just go from one place to another without having an actual goal? They are just getting bored so easily, the older Magics laugh about it.

Yes, alright, it could turn this boy, Daniel, into a beautiful girl, making all her wishes come true by just changing some things here and there.
But that stuff was already getting old, getting boring. Just the two lives of the brothers Rick and Martin had been changed and now it could do already so much more then was happening now.

It would have to find a way to spread even faster, to get more ways to multiply itself so that it would gain more power.
In it's mind, a small plan began to form and he just needed one more girl to make it happen.

Daniel was already sitting there, sipping of his tea. To be honest, he had to say that the tea wasn't really on his mind. There was this gorgeous girl next to him who was now his girlfriend and she was not wearing much more then a towel.
'You should drink your tea,' the girl said.
Daniel looked at Martha and took a sip of his tea. It tasted sweet. He wanted to put the tea down but something stopped him. He felt something swirling inside of him.
The magic had entered his system. He immediately understood the cause he would be fighting for.
'Will it take long?' Daniel asked his girlfriend.

She leaned over to him so that he had a good look into her cleavage. 'Not if you finish your tea real quick.' As she got closer, Daniel finished his tea in one big gulp and felt how it all entered his system.

It was beautiful to feel how the Magic intertwined with his being and his soul, it made him part of something big, something beautiful that he could not explain but felt in every fiber of his body.

It was like, all those times you wondered what you were supposed to do with your life, every time you asked yourself what you would want to achieve, what would make you happy. Everything was completed, you were happy, happy that you could help this thing, this Magic.


I have to admit that this is rare. Even for an uncommon magic. You often don't feel much of the thing itself, it just passes through you and changes something but this one, oh boy, this one is so much more then just that.

There is a special type of Magics around, magic of the mind we call them, which not only passes through and changes something, but it is also able to work some magic (no pun intended) on your mind. You have the terribly common ones like Depression, Anorexia and those Magics, the evil ones.

But Weed for example, (less bad, especially in Holland). It spreads only through the plant because of it's chemical structure (don't ask) but it is basically the same thing. It really makes your mind into something completely different.
But so does this one. It's not so bad, it feels what you need and it helps you to achieve it. Well, sometimes it changes the way you want things a little bit. But mostly, it is helpful.


So Daniel was feeling quite good, even with the upcoming changes that had already made themselves clear.
One of the very first things to change, was his troth. It was where the tea had been first. Daniels whole neck got smaller and his voice became higher and higher until it was the sweet voice of a young lady.

Martha looked at him and snuggled herself one last time against him. 'You're the sweetest,' she said to him and Daniel smiled back.
His face started to change. It became rounder, more girl-like. His jaw line became less prominent and his cheeks became bright red. He laid an arm around his girlfriend and pressed a soft kiss on her hair.
Martha felt two full, soft lips and smiled, he'd make a nice girl.

His hair was flowing down, past his face and shoulders which were shrinking at the same time. His whole frame was becoming smaller and smaller until Martha and Daniel were about the same size. He was now snuggling back, feeling how both of their soft arms were stroking over one another's.

'Is my skin so soft, so suddenly?' he asked himself.
Martha giggled and pointed out that he didn't have the broad, manly arms he used to have. Instead, attached to his shoulders, there were two, very smooth and elegant arms without much muscle and without a single trail of hair left.
'My fingers,' Daniel said, while wiggling his feminine hands in front of his eyes.

The Magic laughed too, at that remark and in turn, it made Daniel laugh and feel more cheerful.
'I look great,' he said, feeling his hair.'
'Yes you do, sweety.'

It didn't take long before something else started to change. Some kind of force started to built in his chest and Daniel who, at any other moment in his life would've been quite worried, felt cheerful right now, because the magic did too.

He felt how his waist was caving inwards, becoming slime and small, his shirt was suddenly way too lose and the rest of his body felt out of proportion. It wasn't nearly done though, the fat that he carefully built up in his stomach suddenly went down to his thighs and ass which inflated in the blink of an eye to the beautifully, voluptuous legs of a female.

His skin felt smooth and he felt how his legs stretched out a couple of inches, just to make up for the ones he'd lost overall.
His butt now felt like it was a small cushion to sit on and his thighs rubbed together, almost crushing his man-parts. Nothing to worry about though, because as if he had asked for it. Everything outside, started turning inside and in less then a minute, he felt how both of his balls and the rest of his dick was sucked back into him.

Martha looked in awe at Danielle's face and she softly kissed her on the lips. 'Welcome to my world,' she whispered and they both giggled.
Danielle felt how she became all warm down there as her new female reproductive system started to get working. The first thing it did was sending hormones through her system. Making her feel all warm and comfortable.

And no, of course the Magic didn't forget about her chest.
With a soft moan, Martha noticed that something was growing under Danielle's shirt. She knew what was happening and watched how two small orbs started to form.
She could see how her nipples were poking through the black shirt, Daniel had been wearing and how it got stretched to the limits as Danielle developed B-cup breasts.

The last changes swept over her body, hips became wider, eyelashes grew out and the final transformation was done. Everything, except for her breasts that were at the point of tearing the shirt apart.
Just at the point Martha heard something rip, the shirt started to change. It split in multiple pieces, cupping a bra around her new formed chest, making a white blouse and a blue, sleeveless vest appear.
It all fit her very well and in a matter of seconds, new clothes had formed around her torso.

Without both girls noticing, Daniel's pants had been crawling up her legs, merging together. And it wasn't until now that they both noticed that Danielle was wearing a blue skirt that reached just above her knees.

'How do I look?' Danielle asked Martha.
She grinned at the new girl and pressed a quick kiss on her lips. 'Like the most beautiful girlfriend anyone could ask for.'

The Magic was done, although it was still in her body and fingers. It had a plan, a plan to create more happiness on the world, and to ban out a couple of evil Magics.
'Are you ready?' Martha asked.
Danielle nodded and grabbed her laptop. 'Let's get this thing spread out so that we can finally battle the evil out of this cruel world.
So guys, I just wanted to say that you are all amazing and that I love each and every one of you (no homo :P) and if you want to, I will send everyone a personal thank you but I posed the question in my journal and most people said that they rather see me spend time in a useful way (writing more parts :D )

So, bottom line of the story: it continues and the Magic decides to do something new and weird. We are waging war!
It will be a friendly war though.

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]

So, I wanted to ask you another favor. I mean, last time, you guys got me up the main page of DeviantArt which was quite cool.
I got at the eleventh place which was wicked, really. A great thank you to every person who read and or faved my story.

Could you please do that again? That would be kind of the best thing that happened to me in months...
also, everyone who faves will get my eternal love and respect. And everyone knows that people who fave are the most awesome people anyway...
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gamezone101 Apr 5, 2014  New member
holy TG magic out to creat magic girls through infecting everyday items and turning them in to TG enchanted items.
Lol love what you did with this. ITS A HOLY TG WAR OMG!
It's not done, but it'll have to wait before I do another part.
'But Weed for example, (less bad, especially in Holland).' LOL! Always fun to hear that stuff about Holland. You don't have to buy weed in Amsterdam, just breathe and you're high, especially in alleys.
its true. i just walked my dog. and im already high.
tsdZero Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You have a real nack for this, you know that?
I can't believe I've never seen this till now. I'm very excited to see the rest of your work.
Thank you so much :D
As alway great story.
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